EUROCONSTRUCT is an independent construction market forecasting network which brings research and consulting companies from 19 European countries together.

The EUROCONSTRUCT network publishes two reports on the current state of the European construction industry and its prospects in the short and medium term:
the EUROCONSTRUCT Country Report and the EUROCONSTRUCT Summary Report.

The EUROCONSTRUCT Country Report contains the forecasts of the construction industry for the 19 countries of the EUROCONSTRUCT network and the three Baltic countries.
The country report covers the three main construction sectors: residential construction, non-residential construction and civil engineering. With detailed descriptions of the national construction markets and more than 8000 indicators on the European construction sector it is the most powerful tool for strategic planning.

The Summary Report shows the European construction trends for the main three construction sectors (residential and non-residential construction, civil engineering) and the whole construction market including summary tables of the most important indicators. The lectures of the conferences are also included in this report.

Following countries are covered by our regularly reports:

Western European Countries
Austria :: Belgium :: Denmark :: Finland :: France :: Germany :: Italy :: The Netherlands :: Norway :: Portugal :: Spain :: Sweden :: Switzerland :: United Kingdom

Central Eastern European Countries
Czech Republic :: Hungary :: Poland :: Slovak Republic


EUROCONSTRUCT is the main network for construction, finance and business forecasting in Europe.

EUROCONSTRUCT was established in 1974 by a number of specialised research institutes and consulting organisations as a study group for construction analysis and forecasting. It has since expanded from the core group to include almost all Western European countries (the European Union and EFTA) and a number of Eastern European states (EU-Accession countries). At present, EUROCONSTRUCT has member institutes in 19 European countries.

EUROCONSTRUCT’S network also extends to the Baltic States (through our Finnish partner), Japan (Research Institute for Construction and Economy, RICE, Tokyo) and Korea (Construction & Economy Research Institute of Korea, CERIK, Seoul).


EUROCONSTRUCT Conference brings leading economists and analysts – which are specialised on the construction market – together. Our platform provides building and construction related business experts with an in-depth understanding of the key trends driving the construction markets in Europe.

The conference is usually divided into two parts. The first part (half a day) is used for presenting the latest EUROCONSTRUCT forecasts of the main European construction markets (residential, non-residential market and civil engineering). At the end of the first part a summary about the overall European construction market will be given.

The second part is dealing with recent problems of the construction markets. This part will be presented by top financial analysts and construction experts from all over Europe (including Central Eastern Europe). Past speakers were for instance from:

– leading contractors and building material producers,
– international financial institutions,
– Research and Consulting companies,
– EU-Committee, European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Recovery and Development.

EUROCONSTRUCT Conferences provides the most detailed construction analysis in Europe. EUROCONSTRUCT’s forecasts are derived by more than 60 construction relevant indicators which are published for each country in the so called Country Report. The most relevant indicators are presented at the conference. Considering a data-stock of about 10,000 figures on the European construction market each conference (twice a year), EUROCONSTRUCT gained an impressive knowledge since the foundation in 1975.

EUROCONSTRUCT conferences take place twice a year. Usually the summer conference is around June and the second (winter) conference around December. The conferences are organised by our members and so they always take place in a different country.

97th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference will be held in Stockholm, June 2024

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