Polish Construction Market Review quarterly

Polish Construction Market Review quarterly

The quarterly Polish Construction Market Review is addressed to the professional managers of the construction companies and economic and financial analysts. It should serve as a fast and reliable source of information about the situation on the Polish construction market and its changes. The information is to be used in the market analysis, subjects and objects as well as regional comparisons, for creation the basis for strategic and market decisions making.

The observation and proper registering and evaluation of many basic processes in the construction industry, occurring in the quarter cycles, is difficult. This is a result of unitary characteristic of the construction production, large number of factors, diversified phenomena and fast rate of changes in construction industry, as well as the limited range of the data collected monthly by the Central Statistical Office and significant delaying in presentation of the full data – mainly annual ones.

Those difficulties limit the possibility of the proper interpretation and use of the quarterly data for the evaluation of the key phenomena occurring in the construction industry.

Our Journal meets the needs for the full and quick quarterly information, enabling the proper evaluation of the current situation and the changes on the construction market, as well as the factors, directions and prospects of development of the Polish construction services and products market. Every quarter we will deliver the evaluations and commentaries referring to the main processes, phenomena and trends on the market based on the systematically gathered and clarified data.

Basic phenomena and trends in two quarters of 2015
Changes in construction in two quarters of 2015

Situation on the construction market during in 6 months of 2015
Big improvement in construction in two quarters 2015!
Construction production the current evaluations by CSO
Construction production according to types of companies PKD
Construction production according to types of the objects PKOB
Residential construction
Non-Residential construction
Civil engineering
Construction production according to PAB-PCR&F estimations
Voivodships allocation of construction production
Movement of employees in construction industry
Wages and salaries in construction industry

Housing construction
Housing completed
Issued dwellings construction permits
Started construction of dwellings

Construction companies noted in the Warsaw Stock Exchange – WGPW
Slight improvement of sector indices related to the construction at WGPW
Sales of production by the construction company’s noted at WGPW in the first half of 2015
Public orders and tenders for the construction works

Movement of prices in construction
Production of building materials and products
Production of building materials and products
Construction in works of the Government and Parliament
Communiqués and announcements
Construction in Europe
Construction by type in Poland by Euroconstruct standards in quarters 2014 – 2015
Major economic indicators in Poland in quarters 2014– 2015