The PAB-PCR&F supplies top professional research and services on individual orders in the range of:

  • Analysis of demand, supply and competition on construction and building materials market,
  • Cost and price analysis on construction market and building materials as well,
  • Construction and tendering procedure advisory services,
  • Research on competition level in the construction and building materials market,
  • Promotion of small and medium sized firms, i.e. producers and contractors

The power of the PAB-PCR&F is in:


flexibility of operation, aimed at providing the customer with maximum satisfaction and establishing permanent relations with the customer,

professional servicing

creation of original projects and carrying out research projects adjusted to the specific situation of a customer and/or product,


reliability and truthfulness of answers for difficult questions


innovative approach allowing the firm to:
– perform a typical research and marketing udertakings,
– propose innovative solutions, take advantage of marketing intelligence.