Key trendes and tendencies in polish construction within 2014

Key trendes and tendencies in polish construction within 2014

1. Statistical results of the construction industry in 2014 indicates a clear differentiation of the situation in the construction industry in the first and in the second half of the year:

– in the first half a high growth, about 10%,was noted in production than the first half of the previous year,

– in the second half an inhibition of growth and lowe level od production was noted.

2. PAB-PCR&F Institute estimates that the total value of the Polish construction market in 2014 amounted approximately PLN 168bn (by 4% more than in 2013), i.e. about EURO 40.1bn.

3. According to the preliminary figures by CSO, the construction production of the construction companies employing more than 9 people was in 2014 by 3.6% higher than last year.

4. In the structure of construction output by PKD, in comparison to the previous year the share of the civil engineering has increased by 2 percentage points to 54%, the share of the construction of buildings decreased to 46%, respectively.

5. Production of building construction companies employing more than 9 people rose in 13 voivodships and decreased in 3 voivodships. Two-digit increases was noted in 5 voivodships.

6. Construction output per 1 capita in 2014 amounted to PLN 4 345, i.e. EUR 1 043. The highest level of this indicator was noted in Mazowieckie voivodship, and higher than the national average also in four other voivodships: Śląskie, Wielkopolskie, Małopolskie and Dolnośląskie.

7. The average employment in the sector of construction companies in 2014 was 409.9 thous. people and was by 7.3% lower than last year.

8. In 2014, employment in relation to the level of last year fell in 15 voivodships. Increase was noted only in the Opolskie voivodship – by 9.8%.

9. Average monthly gross wages in the construction sector in the 12 months of 2014 was PLN 3 887,7 (i.e. EURO 929) and was by 4.3% higher than previous year.

10. Higher level of wages than in the previous year, according to preliminary data of the Central Statistical Office, within 2014 occurred in all 16 voivodships. In 9 voivodships level of wages was higher than the national average.

11. Within 2014, 156 752 building permits were issued, i.e. by 13% more than last year, while 143 373 construction dwellings has been completed, i.e. by 1.2% less than last year.

12. The value of the index for the construction sector WIG-BUD in December 2014 was lower by 5% % than in the previous year and amounted to 2143,3 points. On the other hand WIG-DEWEL decreased in 2014 by 9.8%.

13. Within 12 months of 2014, the PPB published 46 536 announcements of awarded contracts for works with a total value of PLN 30bn, i.e. by 5.1% less number of procurements but their value was higher by 8%.

14. According to the CSO prices of the construction and assembly production within 12 months 2014 decreased by 1.2%, while prices of the construction materials fell by 1.6%.

15. In 2014 production growth of most of materials and products for the construction industry that lasts for two years has slowed down. From the list of 26 most important products noted monthly by the CSO production increased in 21 groups of products, and decrease was recorded for the 5 groups.