79th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference Program


79th EUROCONSTRUCT Conference Program

Thursday 11th June, Evening
Introduction and social program
16:30 – 18:00 Excursion: The Royal Castle in Warsaw
19:00 – 22:00 Dinner at The Honoratka, Fryderyk Chopin’s favorite restaurant

Friday 12th June, Morning
The Outlook for the Economy and Construction 2015-2017
We are delighted to open the conference with a highly topical presentation by prof. Katarzyna Żukrowska, the distinguished economic expert of NATO, UN, SIPRI, OECD, EU. The Euroconstruct 2015-2017 forecasts for overall construction, residential construction, non-residential construction and civil engineering in the 19 Euroconstruct countries will be pre¬sented by the specialists from DKM, Experian, CIFS, and PAB-PCR&F. Participants will gain an unrivalled overview of construction trends in Europe over the next three years. As usual, the analysis and forecasts will be included in the comprehensive confer¬ence documentation (Summary Report, and (optional) Country Report).

Morning session
Welcome and Introduction
The Global and European Economic Outlook 2015-2017– Katarzyna Żukrowska (Warsaw School of Economics, Poland)
The impact of the crisis in Ukraine on the European economy and construction market.
European Residential Construction 2015-2017– Annette Hughes (Head of DKM Economic Consultants, Ireland)
European Non-Residential Construction 2015-2017– James Hastings (Head of Con¬struction Futures, Experian, UK)
European Civil Engineering 2015-2017– Anders Bjerre (Senior Futurist, CIFS, Den¬mark)
Overall European Construction Trends to 2017– Mariusz Sochacki (Head of PAB-PCR&F, Poland)

Friday 12th June, Afternoon
New funds for European public construction & changes in the procurement conditions for construction works

As a consequence of the adoption of new directives concerning procurement by the Council of the European Union at on February 11, 2014 national public procurement rules, including those for construction works, will be standardised and significantly altered in the next two years. These changes will have an influence on terms and conditions and the way public funds are spent on construction projects within the framework of the New Financial Framework 2014-2020. Construction investment in the next few years should increase because of implementation of the Juncker’s plan.
The economic crisis and subsequent stagnation of construction output in Europe in recent years has changed both the volume and type of demand for building materials in Europe. Changes occurred both in terms of the volume of total consumption, as well as its generic structure, but there were also changes in the allocation of domestic consumption of materials and products for the construction industry.
The decline in the share of new construction and increase in the share of repair & maintenance work has had a huge impact on cement consumption in Europe and created demand for new concrete products and admixtures development.

Afternoon session
Juncker’s plan and construction investment in the New Financial Framework 2014-2020 – Jerzy Kwieciński (President of the European Foundation Centre for Entrepreneurship)
The impact of unification and legal changes in public procurement rules activity in the European construction market – Anna Górczyńska (Director of the Centre for Public Procurement and Public-Private Partnership, University of Lodz).
Power engineering construction – new needs, new challenges – Wiesław Różacki (Executive Director, Hitachi Power Europe)
European real estate market – new trends – Jacek Łaszek (Head of the real estate department in the National Bank of Poland)
The European market for building materials and changing trends.
Trends and prospects for concrete admixtures development – Paweł Łukowski (Head of Department of Building Materials Engineering of Warsaw University of Technology)

17:00 Conference ends with networking / champagne reception
The analysis, forecasts and presentations will be available to partici¬pants in the extensive conference documentation.